The 2010 Legend, Fresh Out of the Tissue Paper!

Many thanks to MauiSails for the quick shipment of the new 2010 Legends to Hatteras prior to the final edition of Hatteras Wave Jam a week and a half ago! The conditions were ripe for introducing the new sails to the Atlantic, and though the surf was not quite what it was when I introduced the 2009 Legends to the Atlantic, conditions during Wave Jam were quite fun!!

The 2010 Legend has some nice improvements from the 2009 line specific to durability both in the sail design as well as the mast sleeve. The tack area skid pad has been redesigned with both a change in material as well as stitching. The new 2010 padded area includes a durable cloth fabric as compared to the foil-like material in the 2009 model. The cloth will offer better resistance to wear from both sun exposure as well as folding for access to the downhaul pulley. The 2010 Legend also includes a cut away section in the pad to allow easier folding of the tack skid pad when accessing the downhaul pulley.

The 2010 sail design is similar to the 2009 with a focus on strength across the sail. The draft remains high providing that "pull forward" feel, though the sail feels loose and responsive while riding. The colored panel outline has been widened at the clew and above the logo area providing visual appeal as well as scratch resistance where needed (especially near the clew where boom adjustments tend to rub the sail if rigged "baggy" for light air wavesailing). The white high-strength cloth has been extended to the luff side of the colored panels near the logo. The clear panel window is slightly smaller than 2009; however, does not impact visibility in the wave zone. As in the 2009, the 2010 also includes the wide X-ply cloth for all panels including the clear windows on the sail.

Overall, another excellent sail from MauiSails with some fine improvements from 2009.

This year, I have all colors, so if you see me on the water, the following is my size guide:

5.3m - Red
4.7m - Blue
4.2m - Orange
3.7m - Yellow

If you are interested in taking one for a spin or simply must update your quiver, see Hatteras Island Sail Shop (252-987-2292) in Waves! Also, look for my red 4runner on the beach for a first hand look and perhaps a demo!

Some action at Hatteras Wave Jam fresh out of the tissue paper!
(photographer: Janis Markopoulos)