Introducing the 2010 Quatro Tempo, What a Hatteras Rhythm!

This weekend I introduced the 2010 Quatro PVC Tempo 92 to three solid days in the Hatteras Atlantic. The board was designed for conditions as found in Hatteras and its rhythm was hot during both the side-on and side shore sessions offered! The first sesh was side-on at Coqunia Beach near Oregon Inlet, Friday, Nov 20. North wind was on tap and provided powered 17-22 mph wind. Perfect for the Tempo 92 with plenty of float to remain well powered with the 5.3m 2010 MauiSails Legend. The board provided a quick plane for the trip out through the white zone, as well as a snappy bottom and loose top turn courtesy of the twin fins. Holding the upwind tack was no problem on the Tempo with no risk of washing ashore downwind from the launch at my truck. I was solo at Coquina, but it was quite a fun afternoon sesh!

Saturday, the winds ratcheted up a notch, and after arriving late for the side-off to offshore clean fleeting conditions at Izzys near Hatteras Village, I trekked back north to the Lighthouse and caught some fun head high sets in side shore N wind. Again the Tempo shined with plenty of loose feel for the setup at takeoff as well as the DTL ride. Heading out through the whitewater, the board had plenty of float; though with average winds hitting 25 with gusts near 30 mph, I could have likely been on either my 76 Quatro Wave or the 4.7m Legend. In these winds however; complemented with the 5.3m Legend, the Tempo flew nicely and looped effortlessly!

Sunday, again the Lighthouse was the call, and though the surf was a little smaller and the wind a little lighter than Saturday, an excellent lineup remained with fun chest to head high set waves and clean conditions in the lighter upper teen/mid 20 mph N wind.

All in all, an excellent three day Hatteras Atlantic introduction for the new 2010 Quatro Tempo PVC 92! Only bit I missed was the side-off opportunity at Izzy's on Saturday. If I caught that sesh, the Tempo would have hit it all from side-on to full side-off over the past weekend. That's the beauty of the Hatteras Atlantic testing waters!

Interested in the new Quatro Tempo? Be sure to stop by or contact Avon Sail House, our local dealer for the new ride.

More images from the weekend: