A Little Wind Here, A Little Surf There...

Since the previous post there have been a few days of wind, including a juiced 4.7m session at Jockey's Ridge late last week! Dimitri Maramenides from Epic Kites was out with a few GoPro HDs and caught some unique helicopter-style footage of windsurfing while he soared overhead on the kiteboard! Very cool...stay tuned for his next video! We will work out some pre-planning to catch even better footage such as loops and other windsurfing tricks while he soars overhead. Until then, check out his latest video Kiting Solo (seen below) shot in Hatteras over this past spring. Its an awesome first person perspective of the kite ride with a world class pro and also includes an aerial shot of, I believe, Mike Burns sticking a FWD in the sound at Island Creek (near end of video)!

We also had a little surf yesterday. Super clean, glassy waves and fun waist high surf along with some odd little jellybean style critters in the water. Super clear conditions though and quite refreshing given our balmy 90 degree humid daytime heat.

As for the upcoming week, the WindGuru forecast looks fairly light with not too many stars out there. Flat ocean conditions forecast as well.

Hey, also this in from the email wire. Michael Chagnon will be on the Outer Banks this week performing live at a number of venues across the islands.
- 9pm June 16th and 17th at Kelly's Outer Banks Restaurant in Nags Head;
- 2pm June 20th at Mulligans in Nags Head;
- 9pm June 21st at Howard's Pub in Ocracoke.


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