Atlantic Bathwater at the Frisco Bath House!

Wow, talk about warm Atlantic water today! One of the aspects I love about living and wavesailing in Hatteras is the proximity of the Gulf Stream just offshore. Today, the tropical warm waters of the Gulf Stream touched the southern Outer Banks providing sauna-like ocean water. The Sea Surface Temperature Satellite imagery (see circled area in image) show that little finger of yellow brushing the southern shoreline. Amazing that on one side of the sand spit, water is hovering in the low to mid 40s while on the other its pushing 70 degrees! Though wave conditions were sub par with side-onshore small stuff, 4.7m wind strength provided plenty of juice for loops and fun jumps. The occasional front side hit was possible if I was lucky and a peak lined up. All in all though, that water felt soooo great that even with the crappy surf conditions, it was an excellent sesh. My first one at the age of 40 too! For 2010, I have begun recording my sessions on SessionLogs! The site is an excellent resource for tracking sessions and the detail is fantastic. Be sure to check it out!

Speaking of 40, I hit that magic age the day before on the 27th! Thanks for all the Facebook birthday wishes, and especially my wife Lauren who threw a killer totally surprised birthday party at the Outer Banks Brewing Station. Thanks to all who made it to the party! One key score was the Four Dimensions DVD from Andy, Stewart, and Brian at OceanAir...many thanks guys!!