Back in the Groove!

Yesterday provided the first true wave sesh I have had this year. Plenty of wind, small yet fun long line side off outer bar surf, and surprisingly temperate water! The session was at a little wave playground found about 1/4 mile north of the Oregon Inlet beach access ramp. Basically, between Coquina Beach and Oregon Inlet. Unfortunately, the excellent outer bars found last year at Coquina have disappeared, but luckily this spot has some outside sand and a nice setup which runs for about 1/4 mile in length.

I did learn a new lesson yesterday though, that surprisingly I should already know with my years of experience here on the Outer Banks. When sailing in side-off conditions and the surf is only working in one spot, then park upwind of the actual break. I parked at the southern end of the break (which was upwind), but I should have parked further upwind actually off the break. Basically, I spent half my session off position and downwind of the bar, and by the time I was able to get upwind back into position the sun was setting. I did catch some fun rides, with some nice hits, but definitely could have had more. The sunset was amazing as there were heavy clouds overhead and only a thin sliver of exposed sky existed on the western horizon. When the sun dropped into that exposed sliver and ignited the water with a fiery glow, it was pure visual amazement! There was about 10 minutes of this visual beauty before the sun dropped below the horizon and darkness took over. I wish I had more time since the wind and surf continued to fire, but I had to be able to see to derig.

All in all, a fun sesh and though I missed some waves early, by the time I worked back into position, there were some fun rides as the sun drifted below the horizon.