Some Actions Shots from Izzy's!

Keith M sent in these action shots from the Izzy's sesh last Saturday evening. The shots provide a little perspective of the surf and the ride.
(click image for gallery)

I has been windy over the past few days as well, though quite heavy in the ocean. I checked conditions Sunday and yesterday only to find extremely heavy shore pound and a heaving inner bar. The outside looked great, but it would have been a challenge getting out there. Plus with 40 something degree water on the east facing beaches, I elected to remain dry. I am sure that those ripping on the sound over the past few days had a blast!

Looks like our late March wind spell has ended as the Guru stars looks sparse over the coming days, but who knows?! April is here as well as the Official Spring 2010 Hatteras Windsurfing Season! Yeah!!

PS: Welcome back IWindsurf meteorological crew with the Hatteras wind forecasts!