End to Another Hatteras Spring Bermuda High...

All good things... we recently ended our second rare Spring season Bermuda High. 5 straight days of strong SW afternoon winds which began Thursday, April 29 and ended Monday, May 3. Visiting hands were well calloused during the string of windy weather! What a great score for those visiting (Josh S and crew from Windsurfing Mag, great call on the "drop all Hatteras Run") as well as us locals who enjoyed the time on the water! Too bad we did not have better surf conditions, but no worries, there was lots of loop'n going on, especially during our Loop Rodeo this past Monday at the Salvo Ramp (23).

Now, we are in between weather systems enjoying beautiful weather on the islands. Though, another round of windy weather is forecast for the upcoming weekend! Come on out and play!

As for some pics from the Bermuda High, check these out!
(click any image to open gallery)

Also check out the pics Keith Misch shot onsite live while out there on Monday!

All in all, a very fun 5 days of windsurfing action on the Outer Banks! Hope you were here to catch it!