Memorial Weekend and Another Bermuda High!

We are back in the grip of another Hatteras Bermuda High providing daily strong afternoon/early evening SSW winds! The High set up shop over the weekend and provided excellent wind along the typical wind corridor from north Avon to south Nags Head.

We had surf too during the start of the High, and I caught a fun session just north of Ramp 4 at Oregon Inlet on Saturday. Conditions were light SSW wind, warm water, and sunny skies. The beach was packed with vacationers as trucks lined the sand. It felt like Spring Break Daytona Beach out there with all the people partying and having a great time! In the water, I was solo on the Tempo 92 and Legend 5.3m, though there were a few surfers out sharing the break.

Following Saturday's O Inlet wave sesh, I caught a Sunday evening session at Ramp 30 between Avon and Waves. The surf was dropping but there were a few stray swells/peaks. By Monday, the surf was gone, though the wind remained strong, especially at sites from Waves to south Nags Head. Tuesday, again afternoon SSW winds ramped up soundside in Nags Head and Rodanthe hitting numbers in the mid-20s!

All in all, if you were here for Memorial Day weekend, your sails are likely still wet, and you hands may have a few callouses. Definitely, served up by the latest Hatteras Bermuda High this week! If you are still here and vacationing though the week, the forecast calls for more afternoon SSW winds to come! Though in the wave department, we will likely be flat.