End to a Week Long Bermuda High!

What a week! This past Bermuda High was the longest we have seen this year with a total of 11 straight days of SSW windy weather!! The sweet spot for every Bermuda High is Rodanthe/Waves and I am sure that the shingles at Hatteras Island Sail Shop may need looked at, especially on the south facing side of the roof!

Every day like clockwork, the afternoon SSW winds ramped into the 20+ mph range. Peppered in a few upper 20s, 30mph days, and it was a killer week for sounside windsurfing!! Oceanside, unfortunately we had zero swell in the Atlantic, thus no surf to play in. Though, at the beginning of the BH, we did have SE swell remnants in the water (see previous post noting Memorial Day Weekend), and to finish off the BH, winds ramped up in Frisco providing some side-onshore wavesailing at the Bathhouse.

All in all though, if you were vacationing in Rodanthe this past week, and were here for windsurfing, you are probably beat from exhaustion, with plenty of memorable afternoon/sunset sessions... Likely, you are also returning perhaps with a new 3.7m sail, if you did not have one before arriving?!

This coming week, all eyes are on Wed/Thursday as we see a forecast coastal low forming, which will provide SE swell, and luckily in this case, SE/S wind!! This combo means only one thing....Coquina Beach/N Oregon Inlet!! Perfect combo at that spot for world class wavesailing if it happens. Stay tuned!

A few pics from the Frisco Bathhouse yesterday!