Wavesailing, "Don't You Get Bored?"

I was on a recent "Hatteras vacation" with my wife's family. Her father rented one of those massive ocean-front beach houses in Hatteras Village, and we had an excellent front row view of the ocean during the entire week. For me, the vacation was a windsurfing score, as the July Bermuda High (discussed in the previous post) was in full swing and provided excellent wind conditions near daily (though for the family, conditions were a little rough to swim/enjoy the water). I decided to sail a few days in front of the beach house as her family had never seen me windsurf.

An interesting question arose from one of my wife's young nieces while I was out sailing in front of the house. "Doesn't Uncle Billy ever get bored of windsurfing?" Of course my wife chuckled and said, "Are you kidding?!"

Interestingly, I have been pondering this question for little while both on the water, and on dry sand. Regarding my prime windsurfing discipline; "wavesailng," I have come up with a very simple reason why I will never be bored of the experience.

Literally, every tack both out though the surf, as well as, in towards shore provides a very unique experience. Never is the ride either in or out, the same. While on the ocean over the past number of days during our recent July Bermuda High, I found myself excited, and wondering what the next ride in or out would bring. Its the essence of wavesailng for me, and why it will never become "boring." The complete dynamic nature of riding ocean surf always provides for an unknown expectation which is very fulfilling.

From catching an outside swell and riding it into the surf zone, to heading out looking for a steep ramp, or avoiding a pummeling closeout section, the moments always have my mind racing in wonder of what will happen?! Every moment is completely different and keeps me alive and wanting more.

Not sure if other wavesailors have been asked the question, but is their answer similar?

Definitely not bored, and already hungry for the next wave sesh, hopefully coming soon?!