An Evening with Hurricane Earl

Well, we are buttoned up and ready to see what Earl has to offer tonight. Reporting from Nags Head, westside just north of Jockey's Ridge State Park.

Sept 3, 7:30am: The full strength of Earl arrived around 2:00am this morning and has been raging since. Heavy rain, and strong 50+ mph wind gusts have been the norm though the night. IWS wind meters are currently reading NNW winds at near 70 mph with gusts to 83mph in Rodanthe at this time. Here in Nags Head, power remains online, along with all other utilities. The only debris I see are down tree branches, though no fallen trees. I do have to deal with some water leaks around a few windows, but nothing major. Our little guy slept though the night without a peep! Will post some photos later this morning.

12:00 am: Wind and rain has increased and an extremely warm humid airmass remains when stepping outside. Wind strength is climbing in Nags Head; however, remains in the mid-20s with higher gusts. Falling pine cones is all that is happening thus far.
Note though that the IWS wind meters are reading very windy conditions in Avon with NNE wind averaging 51 with gusts to 65 mph! Definitely the beating is underway down south on Hatteras Island and especially Avon at this moment as Hurricane Earl continues his march north just east of the Outer Banks. Stay tuned for the next report if I am awakened by extreme conditions which may hit overnight?!

9:30 pm: Not too much happening yet. Conditions outside include a very warm humid airmass with NE wind blowing in the mid-20 mph range. The air feels very thick with humidity as the storm continues its approach. Light, wind driven rain. Wind is increasing though as I type this blog post! Next report at 12:00am.