More Weekend Wave Sailing FUN on the SeaLion!

I am definitely becoming more and more of a light air wavesailing connoisseur now that the AHD SeaLion is part of the kit. This past weekend, the departing coastal low which provided rock star conditions for the Cape Cod Wave Challenge and action in DelMarva left the OBX with some fun afternoon surf and departing NW winds. The magic spot was that sand bar surf zone about 1/4 mile north of the Oregon Inlet beach access ramp (north side of bridge across from Fishing Center/Marina). I caught it around 12:30pm Sat with NW winds hovering in the upper teens/mid 20s, and the outside bar breaking solid waist with shoulder high peaks. My 5.3m was with Olaf at Avon Sail House, so I had to make due with my 4.5m.  Sand was blowing on the beach, however with only the 4.5m, and dropping wind velocity, I decided to take the SeaLion into the Atlantic.

What an awesome time!  I was out for a little over 2.5 hrs riding wave after wave dialing in the SeaLion with each ride.  Always searching for the peak hit, it was a ton of fun under the cloudless sky and side off conditions.  As the winds dropped, the surf cleaned up and became smooth as glass providing true surfing conditions on the maneuverable ride.

I came off the water around 3:45pm only because the tide rose causing the surf zone to only rise but not break. Plus, I had to run down to Avon to pick up my 5.3m. All in all though, it was a killer light air wave sesh on the SeaLion AGAIN! See the Bambuser video report following that session! Also see the pre-sesh report before heading out on the SeaLion!

Sunday, the weather was again perfect, and I had the Nah Skwell 10'6" Stroller loaded on the 4runner.  Winds were light from the south and I remain local in Nags Head and hit Enterprise St.  A small, clean knee to waist high wave was breaking on the outer bar and with winds hovering in the low to mid teens, I rigged the 5.3m and rode out on the Stroller.  Again, another magic day on the ocean cruising on the big board watching dolphins and jellies swim underneath.  The swell was small, but I could catch it on the big board and ride some fun surf in the zone with each tack back towards the beach.  Another few hours of SUP light air, small wavesailing that kept a smile on my face the entire time!

Definitely, have to get yourself a windsurfing SUP or better yet, a SeaLion for these extremely fun light air, perfect surf days!

Here are a few pics from beach camp on Sunday: