Is it July on the OBX?? Warm Windy SSW All Week!!

What a week of warm windy wavesailing here on the OBX! The magic spot has been Ramp 30 with daily sessions there since Monday. SSW winds have been on tap ranging from the mid-teens to mid-20s with some gusts into the 30s found in Waves and Nags Head! Sunny skies, warm water, and air...it feels like a Bermuda High week in July!

Surf has been fun all week with waist to chest, and occasional head high peak at Ramp 30. The sand bars are working well there and it has been a popular spot with plenty of windsurfers and kiteboarders in action! Even Maui famed, Josh Stone is in town and hit it at Rmp 30 yesterday! I missed his sesh, as I got there later in the day, but the crew reported that he was definitely the standout hitting sweet wave aerials, loops, and other high end action out there.

All in all, its been a fun week and the warmth cannot be beat! Trunks and a long sleeve 1 mil top is not too bad for the end of October!
Jim Myers with a nice hit!
Photo: Ken A, courtesy of Andy McKinney. See Andy's report also at Windsurfing Mag!

On to November!