Onward to 2011 and the Windsurfing Sessions to Come!

Well, 2010 is a wrap! What a year for Hatteras windsurfing and especially the action in the surf! Its always fond to remember back to past sessions, and luckily with online blogs, Facebook, Picasa Photo Galleries, and various Web Forums, we can usually take a peek back at either what we experienced or what we missed (oh yea, and lets not forget SessionLogs.com!).

2010 offered up some of the best Hatteras windsurfing conditions with fun surf, strong winds, Bermuda Highs, and an Epic Hatteras Wave Jam!

Taking a trip back in time, I remember those two memorable late Spring sessions at Ramp 23 where we caught some killer surf the one sesh, and strong looplicious conditions during the second Spring Bermuda High before the NPS closed the ramp for the summer tourist season.  It was great to also share the surf with all the visitors who were here for that memorable sesh at Rmp 23 including Mike F from Fish's Windsurf Journal and the Windsurfing Mag crew!

Throughout the Summer of 2010, as well as Spring, we experienced a number of strong Bermuda Highs that blanketed the islands with strong SSW wind.  The first one of Summer in early June kicked off with some fun surf too!  As Summer progressed, we experienced numerous days of SW wind.  The big Bermuda High of the year hit in July when we had nearly 10 straight days of strong SW wind!  The summer surf spot was Ramp 30 (which luckily was not closed by the NPS) with the magical sand bar setup, and there were many fun sessions there for both the wavesailing and wave kiting crews.  August arrived and all eyes and rigs were geared for Hatteras Wave Jam 2010.

The event was scheduled for mid-September during the prime tropical season, and with all fingers crossed for killer conditions, the 2010 Wave Jam simply epically scored!!  Epic swell from Hurricane Igor arrived on schedule for the event with building conditions throughout the Jam window.  Amateur to Expert/Pro conditions offered awesome action to place Hatteras on the international wavesailing map, and earn its spot as Stop 4 of the 2011 American Windsurfing Tour!  We cannot forget the epic Wave Jam "Extended" Ocracoke session which was likely the best wave sesh of 2010! 

Hatteras Wave Jam also was the showcase for light air SUP wavesailing with the introduction of the AHD SeaLion, as well as other windsurfing SUP models from RRD and NahSkell.  I am definitely looking forward to many upcoming 2011 light air wave sessions on the SeaLion!

The Fall season offered more Bermuda High like conditions in October, and November had some fun warm and cooler weather sessions peppered in.  Of course, December 2010 will be known at the "Deep Freeze" as the entire month remained basically near or below the freezing mark, plummeting water temps to where they are today in the low 40s.

All in all, 2010 was an awesome year of Hatteras windsurfing and I know I had an awesome time during all the sessions I was out there!  Sure, there could have been better surf during some of those Bermuda High sessions, but to be on the water planing under hot sunny skies and strong SW wind seems oddly distant now.  Well the good news, is that the days are getting longer, and the warmth will be back.  Definitely looking forward to that first string of consecutive SSW days to come.

Who knows, perhaps a SSW light air wave sesh Sunday?!  Though, will definitely be donning the 6 mil booties!   

PS: If you are interested in taking a look back yourself at 2010 or any year back though 2006, the Calendar widget (top right column) on this blog works great to view past blog posts featuring many killer sessions over the years.