Little Bit of OBX Snow and a Windsport Hatteras Feature!

This morning we awoke to snow on the OBX ground. Here in Nags Head, the white stuff blanketed the trees and non-paved surfaces. The roads remained relatively clear as the air temps were just below the freezing mark and the road surfaces were a little warmer. Very nice to look at, but once the sun came out, the snow began to melt nearly as fast as it fell. Here are a few pics just as the sun broke out earlier today.

In windsurfing news, Windsport Magazine published its Winter 2011 edition which featured an excellent piece titled "East Coast Waves." I was honored to write the Hatteras piece which included some killer imagery from Hatteras Wave Jam 2010. Additionally, my topless 4runner snagged the two page photo spread for the feature title page! Very cool!
 source:  Live2Sail


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