The Official American Windsurfing Tour Poster!

Fresh out of the designer's studio, the American Windsurfing Tour Poster is here! Sweet job on the design Har Rai Khalsa!

In Hatteras windsurfing news, it has been WINDY!! Lots of windy NE and a few warm SW days thrown in; though I have been MIA for all. Between work deadlines, and new baby prep (he will be here as early as next week?!  :-)  ), my gear remains dry. The crew down in Avon though have been ripping from Ramp 34 to the Lighthouse with reports of fun conditions for mid-March. Stay tuned to Andy's blog at either Windsurfing Mag, or his shop, Wind-NC for details.

As the Spring visiting windsurfing season is set to launch, Wind-NC will be hosting some cool events including Makani Fin's Week! Oh yea, and do not forget Windsurfing Magazine's Board Tests LIVE coming soon!

All in all, lots happening in Hatteras from the windsurfing front, and if March is a bellwether for the upcoming Spring season, it looks like it is going to ROCK!

Hope I can make it out for a few sessions between diaper changes!