SW Super Sesh at Jockeys Ridge, Nags Head!

A few times each year, especially in the Spring time, Jockey's Ridge soundside windsurfing conditions ignite to provide some extreme water action!  Yesterday was one of those days as gale force SW winds blanketed the islands under bright sunny skies and warm 70+ degree air temps!  For those here who caught it, JRidge does not get any better than what was experienced yesterday. 

What makes Jockey's Ridge unique to other OBX soundside sailing areas is the proximity of deep to shallow water and the fetch which extends from Roanoke to Bodie Island.  Though, the proximity of deep to shallow water at the JRidge sand bar is the real secret ingredient along with sustained SW winds in the mid-30 mph range!  What happens under these conditions is that the chop actually dissipates and smooth swell peaks and troughs form which provide excellent boost slots for jump ramps on both tacks.  Additionally, the shallow sand bar which extends out at JRidge actually forms breaking waves in the waist high range which provide an ocean-like onshore wavesailing effect with lines of whitewater and top to bottom breakers.  Backside riding, aerial loops, and big floaters are the name of the game while crossing the soundside surf zone immediately upwind of the shallow sandbar.

Yesterday, all the ingredients were in play, and coupled with the 2011 MauiSails 3.7m Legend, and 2011 Quatro LS Quad 75, provided for a mighty wild ride!

Dimitri M was out on a kite and we attempted a few flyovers where he literally flew above me with a GoPro HD; though unfortunately, none of the footage turned out due to lens fogging (water was cool in the low 60s/upper 50s).  Perhaps next time! 

Here are a few pics prior to my sesh!