Mainland Forest/Brush Fire Impacts OBX

A large mainland brush fire within the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge has spread a large smoke cloud that can be seen from space. Satellite imagery yesterday showed the cloud passing over Buxton and south Avon during the morning hours as NNW winds carried the smoke. Later in the afternoon, NNE/NE winds cleared the southern OBX and moved the cloud off Hatteras Island. Here on Bodie Island (Nags Head area) we have not as of yet, felt the impact of the smoke cloud since no SW wind pattern has been in place since the fires began.

Keith M reported from Avon that the smoke at times is near unbearable with a smell of burning trash (heavy peat fueling the fire), and smoke thick enough to require headlights while driving. Avon has weathered a few days but luckily now with solid onshore winds in place, the area should be clear for the time being.

I snapped this shot of the smoke cloud SW of Roanoke Island yesterday evening from near Jockey's Ridge in Nags Head.
We have excellent air quality right now in Nags Head; however, once the winds do shift SW, it will likely degrade fast!

More on the fire can be found: