Light Air Wavesailing 101 Series This Summer

This summer, I will be presenting a number of OBX Beach Life blog posts highlighting all aspects of "light air" wavesailing specific to riding the AHD SeaLion.  The Series posts will individually focus on key aspects of the discipline ranging from sail sizing and rig configuration to bottom turn and hitting the lip.  All points in between will be featured.  An initial list of topics include:
  • Rig Size, and What Do I Need Out There?
  • Conditions, What to Look For
  • Carrying the Kit to the Water
  • Shorebreak, How to Deal With It
  • Heading Out and Traversing Whitewater
  • Handling, Including the Snap Jibe and Tack
  • Picking Up a Swell
  • Riding the Wave and Positioning
  • Bottom Turn and Hitting the Lip
Visitor comments will be valuable including questions and/or answers/suggestions/recommendations, etc per each 101 Series topic.  Hopefully, as we roll though Summer on the US East Coast and Hatteras specifically, this 101 Series will help familiarize you with the light air wave sailing discipline and give you some valuable knowledge to be successful in the surf!