More Summer Time SeaLion FUN!

Last night Keith came up to Nags Head and we had TWO SeaLions out at Conch St!  An ENE swell was in place providing fun waist + size surf on the outer bars.  Light SSE winds in the 5 to 10knt range provided just enough juice to remain at the takeoff for some fun wave rides!  We hit the water around 6:00pm and I remained out until after 7:00pm.  What a way to end the day after the daily "work grind!"

Basically, riding the SeaLion is like surfing with the bonus of not having to paddle out and being able to pick up every good swell.  Water conditions last night were slightly textured with side to side-off light wind.  Before acquiring the SeaLion, I would have paddled out on my 8'3" surfboard in similar conditions, and sat in the surf zone working to position myself for an ideal takeoff on a good set wave, often times not catching it.  However, now with the SeaLion, I can simply wavesail catching nearly every good wave, when previously I would have not had the chance!  Performance on the SeaLion also allows for full mobility on the wave with speed, sweet bottom turns, and lip action/re-entry which is a TON of FUN!!  The only aspect of surfing likely not part of the SeaLion ride is tucking into a hollow barrel. 

All in all, for East Coast summer time light air performance wavesailing, again this board is simply a "must have!"  

No photos from last night, but hopefully if I can find a photographer for a shoot at Conch, we can get some good stuff posted!

Oh yea, forgot to mention that with 70 degree ocean water temp, it was trunks only out there!!

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