And Now the Surf is Gone, Though SW Wind Is Up!

The short stint of surf last week departed the area nearly as fast as it arrived.  We had one great day of chest + decent period swell last Monday, with lingering/fading though Tues and Wed of last week.  By Thursday, the surf was all but gone; however with the vacating waves, the SW winds ramped up.  30+ mph SW winds blanketed the magic spot around Salvo throughout Friday afternoon/evening.  I caught a fun session down at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on a sandbar just south of the lifeguard stand.  Wind was lighter in Buxton as compared spots further north, but it was fun riding the 92 Tempo and the 5.3m Legend catching the occasional chest high peak! 
Saturday, moderate SSW winds remained in the cards, and I caught a SeaLion session with Randy, visiting from the DC area, at Rmp 23 near Salvo.  Waves were small and inconsistent, but there were a few that lined up to make for another fun session.  Plus of course, 70+ degree water, sunny skies and perfect rustic Hatteras beach makes it all worth while!
Looks like the SW wind remains intact for the first part of the work week.  Though, in the surf dept, there is not much out there to get excited about.  All in all, until the next sesh!

A few shots: