Windy SW in Hatteras but FLAT Atlantic!

Well not completely flat, at least down at Cape Point; however, overall the Atlantic has been far too tame this summer.  Though, I guess its great for visitors/swimmers; not withstanding the icy cold upwelling for beaches north of Oregon Inlet, where the Atlantic has been tranquil and has rarely seen breaking surf on the outer sandbars.  For the summer 2011 Hatteras surf scene, its been too quiet with not much bigger than waist high found throughout the islands.  Surfline consistently reports "Poor/Extremely Poor" near daily, and OBX Surf Info has a similar story covering the northern OBX beaches.  Even our recent tropical storm Brett, did nothing for incoming swell/surf.  All in all, for those looking for waves, they have not been found on the OBX...., yet?!

In the wind department however, SW has been on fire!  Classic Bermuda High conditions, and with the recent record heat wave, the magic spot between north Avon and Salvo as been cranking with sub 5.0m wind velocities! Afternoon daily wind speed averages mid to upper 20 mph with consistent gusts into the 30s! Great conditions for the small B&J kits soundside and ocenside!

I had a number of fun sessions over the past weekend ranging from Cape Point in Buxton to Ramp 23, Salvo.  Caught some fun small waves on the SeaLion, and looped like a madman on the new 2011 Quatro Twin 92!  All well worth it for summer time Atlantic side windsurfing, but if only we had that little extra ingredient of moderately sized outer bar surf!?! Oh well, I guess the surf can only get better as we march onward towards Fall.

Bambuser Report from Cape Point (7/22/2011):

Photos from the Flats, aka Hatteras Atlantic this summer...
(Thx Luc Belanger for the photo submissions, shot at Rmp 34, late June)