Weekend Wind and Surf at the Stump!

Yesterday, intermittent swell from the remnants of TD Emily arrived on the OBX and provided some fun waist+ surf at "The Stump" located about one mile north of Ramp 34 near Avon. Keith, Jim, and I caught it during the afternoon riding powered 5.3m SW conditions and surf breaking on the mid/outer bar. Lots of fun hits and a few summer sizable swells along with 80 degree water and bright sunny skies make for a very fun August wave sesh! Not bad for an AWT Hatteras Wave Jam warm up! Hopefully more similar sessions will follow as we head towards peak tropical season!?! The AWT San Carlos Cactus Cup has ended, and AWT Hatteras Wave Jam is next, only a little over a month away!

Keith shot a bunch of video both tailgate cam, and hand held.  Will post if he has a little vid put together to highlight.  

Here is the Bambuser report shot live yesterday at The Stump!