Rt 12 Open and the Missed Lighthouse Action!

The number one OBX news story this week is the reopening of Rt 12 to Hatteras Island. The road has been repaired and the new "temporary" bridge is complete allowing a return to the cherished US east coast wavesailing mecca! Hopefully, we will soon see a return of conditions similar to last week when the local HI crew, along with some visitors who trekked the southern ferry routes, enjoyed classic Fall wavesailing at Old Cape Hatteras Lighthouse beach. Keith sent in these two shots from one of the daily sessions that week. I missed the entire lot due to the road remaining closed during the wind/wave window, but hopefully the next HI sesh will be coming up soon before it gets "too cold?!"  For me, I feel like I am coming off winter and heading into Spring as the wavesailing has been dry being locked north of Pea Island.  Normally I am well tuned for the Fall wave season with plenty of action throughout summer and early Fall; however, with the Irene shut down, many sessions have been missed and the typical late winter "green" is in place.  Definitely looking forward to getting back into the mix, even if I have to now suit up for the remainder of the 2011 season.

Here are a few pics of Keith at the Lighthouse last week!
photographer:  Andy McKinney, Wind-NC
(See the complete album for the Oct 6 action at Wind-NC Facebook)