Sound-side Sand Parking Requires Permit

How many visiting windsurfers or more importantly, kiteboarders park off the paved road along the sound side? Kite Point between Avon and Buxton is one of if not the most popular kiteboarding launch on the Outer Banks. The spit of sand extends out into the Pamlico Sound and kiteboarders drive their SUVs out onto the spit to run their lines and pump up the kites as there is no paved parking at the launch. With the new ORV access restrictions, any vehicle parked out there will require a permit ($120 annual/$50 weekly). This also hold true for the sand parking area on the south side of Canadian Hole. Additionally, all soundside sand roads such as the "Power Station" or "Planet of the Apes" will require a permit to park on the sand and/or sand road. For those coming down here this year to enjoy a kiteboarding or windsurfing vacation, be prepared to buy a permit if you want to park your vehicle off the pavement, even on the sound side!