Ramp 30 Wavesailing Fires!!

Yesterday, Ramp 30 located between Avon and Salvo fired with strong SSW wind ranging in the 4.0m and below range!  Dropping tide though the afternoon improved surf conditions, and by late day, chest+ set waves were hitting the outer bars!  A TON of wavesailors were on the water ranging from seasoned pros to first timers.  I did not have solid count, but there must have at least been 20 windsurfers out there!

Not a cloud in the sky most of the day, and bright sunshine, warm air, nuking wind, and mild water set up for a killer sesh!  Glad I took the day off work to head down to catch it!

Here is one photo I linked off a facebook post.  There were a number of photographers on the beach, so hopefully more images will surface highlighting conditions and the number of sailors out on the water!

All in all a killer sesh!!

Hopefully more images to come showcasing the action!