Hatteras Light Air SUP Wavesailing Magic!

Just back from a business trip up in DC.  Missed a lot of recent action down in Hatteras primarily focused on light air SUP wavesailing.  Looked like an awesome time for those down there who caught it!
Quote from Ralph at NCBoardrider:
What a fantastic spot. After a great evening yesterday with Keith and Ken I just had to have another go on the other tack this morning. Same 4.7/122L SUP combo. Still big but easy and FUN on the outside will much longer set period. Huge lounge. Didn't get denied a single time. The sea turtles are busy! I've seen at least one every sesh.

5 straight days of wave sailing!!!!!!!!!!  Hatteras magic.

Sunday 85L/5.2 old light house
Monday 112L/4.7 Izzies
Monday evening SUP/5.8 ramp 49
Tuesday SUP/5.8 old light house
Wednesday SUP/4.7ramp 30
Thursday SUP/4.7 ramp 30
Keith M sent over a few slide shows from the sessions!  
Ramp 30, Wed May 9

Billy Mitchell Airfield Beach Access, Sun May 7
(Note, Ken is out trunks only!) Awesome that windsurfing now has this opportunity to catch waves when winds are light!

Additionally, here is a nice video produced by Micheal Wazenski from a windy wave sesh a few days ago at the Lighthouse!

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