BIG Lighthouse!

Is it September?! 
Yesterday, the ocean churned up some mighty big swell from a coastal low located off New Jersey.  Normally, the first day of a NE wind stretch offers moderately sized surf at the Lighthouse ranging chest+ in size but rarely over 6 ft faces.  Yesterday however, the biggest set waves were in the 12+ ft range on Day One!  Actually, it was quite an awesome setup with excellent "sit down" windows for making it out if you did not fall.  Then pick up one of the sets and the ride though the wave zone was massive!
Keith McCulloch caught some excellent wave rides on long line mast high set waves that would have scored quite well in the upcoming AWT Hatteras Wave Jam.  Charlie Myers was ripping and though not his usually "San Carlos" side, he was making it work earning the "Photo of the Day" award with a nice powered cutback aerial!
 The crew who was out was small as compared to other Day One Lighthouse sessions, but with the set wave size and challenging currents it was intimidating to look at from the beach!

Definitely, a rare setup for mid June, as this time of year we normally experience SW days and moderately sized surf.  Yesterday was a step into mid Sept and our Fall wave sailing season!
More photos from the sesh (photographer: Keith McCulloch)