Day Three, Saturday Wavesailing Action!

Day Three of the NNE spree took us to the south side as far as the south end of Ocracoke Island!  The swell was considerably smaller than Friday's south side wrap, but there remained some fun set waves and perfect side-off wind direction on the south side of Ocracoke.  Ralph and I caught it down there while the tide was coming in with some fun wave rides and jumps/loops in solid sub-5.0m wind!  Though interestingly, the wave zone was quite disconnected on the south side compared to the north, even though winds remained side-off.  Perhaps there is a point a little further north on Ocracoke island where a "magic spot" exists where the island turn occurs to foster true side-off while maintaining the clean long lines found on the north side where the wind is more offshore.  Next time will check from the Ocracoke Airport and points north.
Upon return to Hatteras Island, I received a call from Keith nothing fun conditions at Old Lighthouse beach.  I stopped by there to find all the "off work" guys including Andy from Wind-NC and a number of the Real Kite Crew on the water.  Surf was considerably smaller than big Thursday, but there remained fun overhead set waves and solid 5.0m wind.  Sailed the second session to near sunset and caught some fun wave rides!

All in all, another excellent day of wavesailing in Hatteras!

Here are some additional pics (all photos:  Keith McCulloch)