Just Imagine Your Favorite Outdoor Place...

Now that the spell of NE winds have subsided on the OBX, we begin to look at the upcoming SW opportunities and wavesailing potential for the east facing beaches. However, one dark stain on opportunity to enjoy the best breaks on the islands is the current state of access ramp closures along the east facing beaches. Basically every ramp is closed except for Ramp 30.

The following is a guest writeup by Keith McCulloch:
Just imagine your favorite outdoor place..maybe it is a mountain, a stream, a river, a lake, a beach, or a trail. Maybe its a place where your mom or dad introduced you to when your were a kid. A place that you have brought your own children to enjoy or plan on it. A place preserved by our great National Park System. Even as a young kid I realized the greatness and importance of setting aside special recreational places for the enjoyment of all. I was comforted knowing that this place is always going to be like this. “Isn't it great that no one is going to build a condo complex or a go kart track here destroying the landscape and cutting off access.” Back then I was proud that there were organizations like the serria club and the audobon out there defending our lands keeping anything “bad” in check, an advocate for the enviroment. How shocking now to realize that these very groups are the ones exploiting the environment for monetary gain, not some greedy developer! Your Federal Parks are now being closed little by little. Using "Ecological misinformation" to flat out propaganda and lies. The NPS, Sierra Club, and the Audobon Society are systematically shutting down access to your public Federal Parks all over the USA. Week by week they are using your donations to fatten their bank accounts, land grab, hire lawyers, and gain political power. The closing of a Federal Park should be a crime along with the fabrication of photos and so called scientific data they use to do it! --- Our Parks are getting smaller and smaller due to privatized interests and ecological lobbying scams. Its so sad that these once noble organizations have lost their way. Now they are being run by people that are praying on the care and concern of the American people, to make easy money. These folks have found out, that it is a lot easier to sit in your pajamas and type up lies on your computer and generate MILLIONS in donations than to actually go out and make a difference by solving the tough problems, "heck trying to stop someone from killing a whale is dangerous, you might get shot at!! Why bother?" Sarcasm aside...don't think for a moment that this is limited to a few areas. They are coming for your favorite place next, they have to keep the revenue stream going.