Day Two Leslie Big Swell Action at Coquina Beach!

Day two of BIG H Leslie swell served up some nice set rides, this time at Coquina Beach just south of Nags Head.  The surf was a notch smaller than the day before, yet the set waves still provided nice overhead conditions in the zone.  SSW winds peaked into the mid-20s mph range offering a chance to take out the standard kits to ride in the surf!  Keith, Ralph, Sam, Ian, and I along with a another young visiting sailor who I did not catch his name, sailed Coquina in conditions a notch down from the legendary H Bill sesh of 2009.  It was quite good at Coquina yesterday, but as winds dropped though late afternoon and shifted true SW, it become more difficult to stay on the wave with the light air kits.  There were also some challenging middle bar closeouts that threw up the denial sign a few times for those in the wrong spot at the wrong time attempting to make it out.

Overall though, it was quite a fun session and one of the top wave riding days of the year!
Some select photos:

here is the slide show!
(photos:  Keith McCulloch)