NE Blast At False Point Near Hatteras Inlet

The Spring Hatteras Windsurfing is well underway and there have been many great sessions so far this year! However, with a busy work and family schedule this year, I have not been able to catch all the sessions as in the past. Still, I catch what I can get and today the gettin was good!

False Point down near Hatteras Inlet was the call which featured residual south swell and a building north swell locking in today. Surf ranged from waist to head high and sets were breaking nicely on the outside sandbars. We had a decent sized crew out and everyone caught some great waves! Check out the slide show! Looks like more to come tomorrow with bigger swell!

Yea, OBX-WIND is underway! We have a excellent group of celeb pros in town from Maui to participate/host the event, and share the Hatteras windsurfing stoke! Gonna be a great week for windsurfing!