Wavesailing Frisco Pier

Famed for an epic lineup, the Frisco Pier is a regular namesake within the Hatteras surf scene. In recent years the Pier has become simply a crumbling collection of pier pilings and hanging timber due to the ravage of the Atlantic; however, the south/west side of the pier is hosting an excellent outside sandbar featuring long lefts and smooth rides. The past two weeks of near constant NE wind has set the NE swell wrap in place offering likely the best surf break on the south side. Coupled with the strong NE wind and a takeoff well out near the end of the faltering pier, the wavesailing offering has been excellent!
I was able to make it down on Saturday for a fun session riding 4.5m and the Quatro 92 Twin. Excellent combo and plenty for the conditions. Keith, Rick, and Casey were there to catch some of the fun set wave surf. Friday also featured an excellent setup at the Pier and the crew was on it. I missed that day due to work commitments, and likely today was good down there as again NE was on tap. All in all, with a launch at the Frisco Bath House and an easy upwind beat to the takeoff spot, there were some killer rides set up from just off the pier southwest to the bath house. Here is the photo gallery from the session on Friday (the one I missed!) featuring Rick E, Casey T, and Andy M. photographer: Keith M