June Hatteras Action Simply Continues!

Why come in April when you can be here in June?! Guess it is a little more expensive for lodging, but Wow, warm air, warm water, and windy! If I had a full month to devote to a Hatteras windsurfing vacation, June 2013 would be the score! Basically, since the first days of the month though today, the winds simply continue. SSW, NE, and points in between have been happening daily across the islands with steady peaks above 20mph consistent, and many, many days of winds averaging 25+ mph! Who needs anything bigger than a 5.0m sail! Surf has been up and down with waist high averages, but there have been a few chest+ days, and as this photo shows from the other day, Wind-NC's, Andy McKinney scored a nice overhead nugget at Ego Beach!
All in all, some awesome conditions here on the OBX! For me, I have missed most due to a very busy work schedule and near flat surf here in Nags Head throughout the month.  However, I have caught everything which has been offered here oceanside in town given my lack of weekday time to trek south of Oregon Inlet. For the crew down in Avon though, its been killer!
photos:  Keith McCulloch