Cape Point Near Buxton, Hatteras' Area 51

What is out there.... the Federal gov simply does not want people on the beach and will impose strict "No Trespassing" signs to keep folks out.  At times, armed forces are on the beach with assault rifles to keep closures intact (though luckily have not seen armed forces yet this year).

Is there some secret national security effort off Cape Point, or perhaps a crashed spacecraft?!

Well.... no.  Its nesting birds, or at least that is what we are told.

Recently, one of best east facing surf breaks, Rmp 43 (as seen in the photo) has been closed to all access, both ORV and pedestrian.  The claim is nesting birds which may be the case; however, why complete closure including paved roads and parking lots(Rmp 43 is completely closed off with nearest parking at the fish cleaning station at Rmp 44)?  Additionally, why are so many other ramps closed such as Rmp 1, 3, 23, 34, 44 etc...??  Are these other ramps closed simply due to the human population expansion during the summer months on the OBX and a lack of NPS policing manpower to cover the numerous miles of beach?  Note, even given the reductions in ORV due to permit requirement ($120/annual, $50/weekly), all these ramps remain closed... why?

The introduction of permit sticker for ORV access is understandable and is a fine deterrent to complete open access, however, is the permit not enough?  Are there still too many ORVs permitted during the summer months, and thus the additional closures are necessary?

 All in all, prior to 2008 this was never an issue.  However, what happened in 2008 which set off a draconian beach access policy for our Hatteras beaches? Who specifically makes these access decisions and what is their basis?
The nesting birds were always there and flourished fine for many years prior to 2008.   What was the tipping trigger that locked down access to Hatteras beaches?