Classic Hatteras Summer Bermuda High

A classic Hatteras Bermuda High is set to lock into place this week for the islands.  This means constant SSW afternoon wind likely above 25 mph for the duration!  Though, heck the entire month of June basically experienced 25+ mph wind near daily!  At least with this forecast, the trend looks to continue into July.  Now we just need some Atlantic activity (far out away from any land) to stir up some long period swell to complement the wind forecast!?!  Ahhh, Hatteras "secret season" is ON!
Had to post this quote from the forum for the weekend warriors out there!
" ...I may have to cash in my marital good boy behavior savings account and make the trip.  Lets see . . . Been taking out the trash, gave wife card and flowers for birthday, didn't complain about the over cook fish . . . yep should be good...."   Classic!  : )

PS:  Scored a fun two sesh Sealion circus at Conch St in Nags Head yesterday!  Waist high mid bar waves and perfect wind speed/direction.  Trunks, a t-shirt, 4.5m sail, Sealion Pro... what better summer Hatteras combo?!