AWT Hatteras Wave Jam 2013 - A HUGE Success!

What a week for the 2013 AWT Hatteras Wave Jam!  Two solid days of heats and perfect surf conditions for all brackets, a week long experience of sunshine, warmth in the air and water, solid long period surf, nightly parties at host windsurfing shops, and a community of participants/spectators enjoying the camaraderie of Hatteras ideal experience.

AWT Hatteras Wave Jam 2013 is in the books as one of the best, if not the best windsurfing event ever hosted on the OBX.   Rivaling the 2010 event, 2013 featured a caliber of competitive high action wavesailing though all classes from Amateurs though Pros.  The talent on the water was top notch and feature quite a show in conditions perfect for a wavesailing event.  Interestingly, all heats across all classes was completed in two days early in the event window and the follow-on days focused on perfect surf and extremely fun SUP sailing and SUP/surf under cloudless skies and trunks only weather.

For those who made the trip to participate or experience Hatteras Wave Jam 2013 week, as Mac B said to me while out in the lineup on Friday.... "Pinch Me, is this real!?!"

Cape Hatteras AWT Wave Jam 2013 from American Windsurfing Tour on Vimeo.