The Sealion Wing is Coming!

This summer I am looking forward to a new Sealion ride..., the Sealion Wing!  The Wing is a lower volume (109ltr) aggressive design which offers top surfing performance.  The Wing has same outline as the Pro model, however includes a thinner rail and redesigned tail end underside to improve performance and handling in the surf.   The Wings also feature the option for a hydro-foil add-on for flying above the water; however, I will be sticking to the surf with the one I have incoming.   Plus the new color options and graphics are pretty cool!
2016 Sealion Wings  source AHD
Great news too is that we now have a local dealer for the AHD Sealion line.  Wind-NC now carries Sealion's and Andy will have a few 83s in stock at the shop, and can also take orders for future shipments!  Thus, if you are an East Coast sailor interested in the Sealion, we now have have a regional dealer to get you onto a new Lion!

One thing I really enjoy about the Sealion is its guarantee of time on the water.  Yesterday, I had a busy work schedule and my son's first T-ball game in the evening.  Moderate wind and FUN surf was up in Nags Head, and I had to get a fix on the water.  The Sealion was the answer with a quick 30 min session simply sitting in the surf zone where I caught at least 10 fun waves, plenty of turns and hits at the lip before heading out to the t-ball game.  The Sealion is "Dad's Ride" as it gives you time to get out for that quick fix session between busy work/life schedules.  No more jonesing about lackluster wind as the Sealion gets you out there no matter what its blowing as long as there is surf on the sandbar!  Looking forward to more "Dad's Rides" coming soon!

PS:  also if interested in the Sealion Pro, I will likely have one for sale soon.  Stay tuned for more in a future blog post!