Fun Coqunia Wave Sesh Yesterday!

Yesterday, there was a solid swell in the water and S wind turned on in the afternoon.  A key spot of interest was Coquina Beach.  Coquina is a rarely windsurfed beach as it is located just south of the Nags Head town line; however, the orientation of the island in the area provides excellent side-off conditions for due S wind.  Where it can be choppy/side-on south of Oregon Inlet, Coquina is perfectly groomed with long lines and solid conditions.  Yesterday, we had that combo and although the swell was fleeting, there were some fun head high sets between the periods of lake-like conditions for ease of getting out.

Pro Japanese wavesailor Kana Suzuki and her Dad joined me for the action at Coquina.  Wind speed had dipped; however with a floaty ride there was no problem getting into the lineup.  I rode the trusty Sealion Pro and caught a quick session as Kana's Mom kept an eye on my two little dudes (BIG thx!) while they enjoyed some game time on the Android (earlier when I was scouting, they had a ton of fun playing among the dunes and beach at Coquina).  Kana and her Dad caught some great rides on some nice surf conditions, and I enjoyed a number of fun rides myself on the Lion.  All in all, a great session for a Sunday afternoon/early evening!

Here are a few Bambuser reports I shot while scouting.  If I was solo (no dudes), I would have been out there as soon as I saw the lineup!