Nasty SE Session at the Cove

Yesterday, the winds ratcheted up from the SE during the afternoon hours. Only the southern OBX experienced this wind event. I got the call from Charlie around 1:30pm that the crew was heading to the Cove. I had no afternoon meetings, and my code was tight so I decided to drive south to check it out. Leaving Nags Head, skies were gray and overcast. Upon arrival in Avon, the rain began to pour, and thoughts of rigging in this weather were not too exciting. I reached Buxton, drove out onto the beach and down to the Cove where the orientation of the island turned sharply from a south to west facing beach. There were a number of local and visiting windsurfers already on the water as the rain poured down. Conditions were clean chest high surf and winds ranging from 18 to 30 mph. Once a break in the rain came, I rigged my 5.3m Legend and suited up. It was hit and miss for a while as rain squalls continued, and was quite nasty looking with the dark gray skies and limited visibility. At about 4:00pm, the rain backed off and the winds ramped up. Powered 5.0m conditions and a fun outside head high clean wave made for decent day despite the variable wind and pouring rain.

No photos as I forgot my camera, and given the visibility, there was not too much that could be seen. Though, just the nastiness of the weather conditions would have been nice to showcase.

Wind possibly in the forecast for the weekend. Hopefully, another mark for the calendar!


At 10:38 AM, Blogger EC said...

Kook, who was there? broken gear?
speeding tickets? how many cases of beers were drank during the squalls?
weekend forecast sucks, what are you talking about?

At 2:45 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Everyone was there including local and visiting crew. It was the most sails I have seen in the ocean at one time in a while, especially given it was on a weekday! No broken gear, though we lost Kaze and Charles L, as they set out for a final session just before nightfall. Both made it back to shore with no problems.

As for weekend, I see stars in the forecast, so perhaps both Saturday and Sunday?! Hey, plus today it was BIG at the Boiler. More to come in the full report (photos and commentary). Stay tuned!


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