Rare Nags Head Wavesailing Session

Today the winds were near nuclear again with overpowered 4.0m conditions. I remained in Nags Head and was pleasantly surprised to find clean side-off conditions. I rigged 4.2m and launched near the styrofoam house in town. A fun outside wave was breaking on the excellent sand bars care of the "beach nourishment" plan tapping our local tax dollars. Set waves ranged from head to logo high, and began to break about 150 yards offshore. Quite a nice setup! The current was ripping, but with the strong winds it was not too hard to make it outside. The wave rides inside were very nice as the wind was lighter, yet still had plenty of power to hit the critical sections.

My day ended though when my "backup" mast extension failed (my new extension was in the back of Charlie's truck). Luckily, I was in the surf zone so the swim to shore was not too bad. Though, I drifted about two miles downwind from where I launched in the raging current. When I made it to shore, my gear traveled so fast in the current, that I had to literally sprint to catch it!

One other guy attempted to launch were I was sailing, but I did not see him make it out. Denied by the current, waves, and wind!

Perhaps tomorrow morning?

Some pics from today:
(no sailing shots, as my wife arrived after my session was over)

Beach nourishment in action...creates great sandbars for the surf!

This walk though beats being sand blasted on the beach!

Hitch hiking back during my 2 mile walk.


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