Ahhh Ernesto Part II!

The ocean swell from Ernesto held today and produced some fun head+ high surf conditions here in Nags Head. The red flags (no swimming) were flying on the beaches due to the heavy shore pound, but once you got to the outside, clean big lines were coming in courtesy of the light west wind. The set spacing was perfect, and the waves were quite easy to catch. Even late takeoffs were not too bad. Whether a short or long boarder, everyone was having an awesome time!

Lauren and I surfed just north of the Nags Head fishing pier. Perhaps you saw us on the pier cam?? Sorry no photos as I left my camera at home. Though, it would have been a perfect day for some on the water shots!

Hey, I'm in Windsurfing Magazine?!

I have not seen the latest issue yet, but I have heard that I am in with about a half page piece which includes a few photos, and even the link for this blog. Check it out at your local magazine rack. Unfortunately, I cannot find it sold anywhere here in Nags Head, yet last time I was in DC, I found it in nearly every Borders or Barnes and Noble magazine section. Though, I know it can be found down south in Avon at some of the windsurfing shops. I guess Charlie or someone from down south will need to bring me up a copy, unless I can get down there sooner.

I have not been down to Avon in a while since all the windsurfing action has been on Pea Island (south of Oregon Inlet). These SW days and the waves to be found at Boiler or S-Turns can't be beat!

PS: If this is your first visit to "Bill's OBX Beach Life," and you found it from Windsurfing Magazine, post a comment and let me know!