Tomorrow we are off to Maui, HI! Nine days on the island...Lauren and I will be there for a wedding on the north shore near Lanes. I will be wavesailing at this spot where you see the breaking waves! If you read this blog and are there, I will be sailing Friday and Saturday of this coming week! Perhaps a few more days too depending upon conditions?!

I hope to continue some blog reports from Maui, especially if I find some good wavesailing! Perhaps the wedding photographer can get a few shots off that point break?!

Stay tuned!

SW Again, But....

Today, the winds blew strong out of the SW all over the islands in the 25+ mph range. Sunny skies, warm air and water made for a perfect windsurfing weekend in late September. The only drawback today was the lack of waves. All over the islands, the swell we enjoyed from H. Helene disappeared, and we were left with strong winds and no waves. Ego Beach in Avon reported sloppy conditions with lots of cross chop and small surf. At the Boiler, the lines were clean, but the surf was about knee to waist high. We ended up sailing a spot about a 1/2 mile south of the Salvo Ramp (23). Conditions were waist to chest high, but sloppy. Crew members compared conditions to a windy day at the Hatchery in the Gorge, due to the localized wind swell. Bump & jumper's delight! For wavesailing, I had a couple of decent lip hits, but the rest of the crew reported less favorable wavesailing results.

For those on the sound side, they must have had a great time as the winds were strong. Canadian Hole, Hatteras Island Sail Shop sailing site, Jockey's Ridge, etc...must have all been good for slalom bump and jump.

Perhaps, for us wave crew; we should have gone to Ocracoke from the start. SW is side-shore there. The island reported the windiest, most consistent winds of the day according to IWS. Perhaps, there may have been some bigger waves there too?!

Here are a few shots:

The launch site at Salvo Ramp. We sailed in a bowl section in between two sandbars. It was probably the best spot to be found...unless perhaps Ocracoke.

The drive back north across Oregon Inlet bridge. Storm clouds forming to the west, as the sun begins to set on the OBX.

SW at the Boiler

Well, the forecasts were on par yesterday with SW winds. It was a little lighter than expected in the marginal 5.3m range; however, the waves were fun and Charlie, Dan, Emo, and I, plus a bunch of surfers enjoyed some fun rides on the swell left over from H. Helene. Set waves were in the head high range and the optimium take off was just inside the Boiler smoke stack.

Winds are forcast today to be even stronger, and this morning (Sunday), the trees around my house are moving quite briskly! Hopefully, there is still some wave swell around, as it will most likely be another visit to the Boiler today!

Here are some photos from yesterday (Saturday):

Charlie, Dan, and Emo setting up around the Boiler

Emo on a set swell, sharing space with a surfer on the inside.

Emo, hitting the lip!

Emo finishing up, with Charlie in between the sets

Homer hanging out on the beach

The parking lot at the Boiler

Sunset, and the end of another fantastic day on the OBX!