Fun Sunset Session at S-Turns

Tonight, Dana, Dan and I sailed at S-Turns just north of Rodanthe. Conditions were 24+ mph SW winds and a waist to chest high set wave breaking on the inner bar. S-Turns is a great spot if there is no surf breaking anywhere else on the east facing OBX beaches. The sandbars at S-Turns are not too far offshore; however, they are far enough to make a few hits without ending up on the beach. The low dune line also works to keep the wind on the water for working the inside waves. The swell line today was fairly distinguishable on the outside making for easy wave selection. I have sailed better days at S-Turns, but for an evening ride on the 5.3m, and a few nice hits and some air off the lip...it was fun! I sailed in my shortie, however the water was chilly in the low 60 deg range. Air was in the upper 70s.

Another interesting note is that the Nights in Rodanthe movie crew had a helicopter flying around the house (Serendipity) where they are filming the movie. It's the first ocean front house entering Rodanthe. The chopper did not buzz by us windsurfing; however, I did notice a large camera pod on the nose when it did pass by heading north as I was carrying my gear over the dune line.

Looks like tomorrow the SW winds continue and are forecast to crank up a notch or two. Perhaps a 4.7m or even 4.2m session?!

No photos today since I was on the water most of the time.


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