Nights in Rodanthe Wrap Up

We are back to "normal" here on the OBX, specifically in Rodanthe, after last week's Hollywood visit. There were a number of filming days on Hatteras Island which included scenes at the Serendipity house (first ocean front house entering Rodanthe), and Rodanthe Pier. The shot with this post was taken last Wednesday during prep for a night scene at the pier. Out of camera view were two huge spot light towers that were set up off to the right. Both towered about 75 ft above the dune line.

Security was tight last week in Rodanthe with a daily police presence at the Serendipity house including road blocks during equipment moves, and some scenes. Also, the road approaching the pier included police vehicles. All in all, the security was probably the most noticeable effect of local filming there. I was in Rodanthe for two days windsurfing, but did not participate "directly" in filming as an extra. I received a follow-up call from the casting crew noting that they scaled back on the number of extras. Oh well, it was windy, and perhaps during the film, if you do see some windsurfers on the ocean in the background, it is likely us!


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