Tropics Beginning to Brew...?!

UPDATE: (08/04/2007)
Check the Links section for the new Atlantic Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook provided by NOAA. This tool features highlighted "areas of interest" circled in yellow, and upon mouseover provides additional forecast detail about the area. I discovered this site from a post at the Outer Banks Real Estate blog.

I have been off the beach a few days for a trip up to the metro DC area where shoes and shirts are required. I even spent a day at the corporate office in Arlington, VA. Now, I am back at the beach and ready for some surf! August marks the beginning of when we may likely see some swell brewed up by something in the tropics. There have been a few teasers (TS Chantal) out there, but nothing generating any sizable ocean swell yet. August is usually a prime summer surfing month on the OBX, while the winds will return in Sept.

Here is the windsurfing calendar for the month of July:
click to enlarge


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