As Usual, Labor Day Weekend Wind Fest!

Every year, Labor Day weekend is windy! This year was no different, with sailable conditions during the late afternoon on Saturday, and all day Sunday. Both days experienced strong NE blows in the 25+ mph range. Today, I am quite sore after four straight hours yesterday at the Point in Buxton. Dan and I were the first on the water around noon. Winds were holding in the mid 20s and we actually expected it to drop though the afternoon; however, that did not happen! We finished up after 4:00pm due to exhaustion rather than lack of wind. I had two short breaks during the session. 1) to call and let everyone know where we were and report conditions, and 2) to fix a broken footstrap screw. Luckily, I had a backup!

During the afternoon, Caleb, Donnie B, Jim M, Jason, and Charles L joined Dan and I for the side onshore frolic at the Point. Conditions were waist to chest high surf breaking on the outer bar. Rig sizes ranged from 5.3m/76 ltr (myself) up to 6.7m/130 ltr (Charles L). The setup was quite nice for port side jumping, and looping, along with back side wave riding, and some down the line hits. All in all, a fun session and a nice precursor to upcoming Fall conditions!
MIA during the session was Keith M!?!

No onboard video action until I receive my GoPro package back from CA. I shipped the existing unit out for a software update and upgrade to the water housing. With the new stuff they are sending me, the onboard action should be even better!

Some additional photos from the session (photographer: Bill B):

Labor Day vacationers interested in a photo with Donnie's rig

Donnie B backside on an outside wave

Dan down the line looking for a hit

Special Notice:
Sammy the surf dogSammy the Surf Dog at Queen of the Surf Pirates was run down by a drunk driver Friday night in Kill Devil Hills. Sammy survived, but is pretty bad shape and recovery will be long. Our deepest condolences go out to Sammy and Paula from QSP.