OBX FWD Loop Fest - June 2008!

Andy M fully committed at Canadian Hole - photo: Land Du PontThe current poll notes windsurfing goals for 2008, and the vote leader is the "FWD Loop Commit." Its a great hurdle to overcome, and only takes the commitment to go for it and hang on! During the month of June, OBX Beach Life will "unofficially" host OBX FWD Loop Fest 2008! Throughout the month, there will be a focus to commit to the FWD loop. Anyone who is interested in participating is welcome to join the fray and give it a shot! I am no "loop expert," but as a fairly recent full-time "committer," the goal will be to boost confidence by providing a venue seeing others going for it. Often this is all it takes to give it a shot! Bill B begining the rotation - photo: Jim MyersOnce you rotate around and splash down in a water start position, you will be hooked! I along with other successful local loopers can give some "pointers" from our own experience; but primarily, it will simply be sailing sessions oceanside where steep thigh to waist high ramps provide the perfect takeoff. For those that successfully commit, I can strap a GoPro on your rig to catch your expressions as you rotate around! All successes will be posted on OBX Beach Life for the world to see!

Keith M classic rotation - photo: Jim MyersIf you are planning an OBX windsurfing vacation in 2008, and are interested in the FWD Loop, consider June and OBX FWD Loop Fest! Simply send me an email when you are going to be here, and I can let you know where spots will be. Also check the OBX Beach Life Discussion Forum for daily/hourly location and condition updates.

Just Rotate!

photo credits: Lane Du Pont and Jim Myers


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yah! no mater how hard you party in Miami...you wont mis a good wave ]-;

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