Hatteras Loop Fest Day 3

Last night we had another Commit Fest session..., this time, at Canadian Hole. The SW wind filled in with moderately powered 5.3m conditions. A number of sailors were on the water including many Hatteras Loop Fest participants. There were a number of FWD loop attempts; however, no solid commits with splashdown in a water start position. It is more difficult to break the commit hurdle in the small sound-side wind chop. The key though is to hang on to the boom and stay in the straps until splashdown. Ken K and Chris G were two participants who were close to hitting the splashdown, but the mental blocks of looking at the water or letting go of the boom kept them from spinning. Great though to see them jump and set the rig!

Andy M, Keith M, and I threw a number of flat water loops, with Keith showcasing top form with his clean rotation and sail away. All in all, a fun summer session at the Canadian Hole. Too bad the wind was not a few knots stronger to provide solid power on the ocean where the wind swell generates larger ramps. Perhaps we will have another session later this week?!

For more on yesterday's Loop Fest coverage:
Live to Sail blog (great photos and video!)

Chris G with a nice pitch forward, though a few FWD loop no-no's include: 1) Looking at the water in front of the board, 2) not pulling in back arm. A wider grip would help with pulling in. Feet position looks great, and only the "no-no's" prevented a successful commit. Great job though Chris for "going for it," and half the mental commit of pitching forward. However, the other half of pulling in and looking back are the biggest commit hurdles, and with some more practice/motivation, he will be there! photo source: Live to Sail


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