Learning to Fly...RC Style

Well, its winter, the water is cold, the waves are small (today), and there is no wind...what is a fun thing to do other than hiking or biking?? This Christmas, Lauren gave me a radio-controlled airplane. Specifically a ParkZone P51 Mustang. She knows that I am a fan of WWII aircraft and this plane is a great RC warbird flyer. Everything is included to get it up and in the air within minutes; though, if you know what you are doing! My first attempts were utter failures, though it was actually beneficial that I did not get the plane in the air because I would have likely completely destroyed it! Instead, it was banged up pretty bad, but repairable with some trusty packing tape.

After my initial mishaps with the P51, I decided to order a trainer plane and specifically the Hobby Zone SuperCub. This plane is fantastic for beginners, and I had it looping on its third flight! After about 5 flights with the SuperCub, I decided to try the P51 again. Successful launch and flight with no crashes!

All in all, a great activity when there is no wind, no waves, and cold water! Jockey's Ridge also provides nice terrain to fly around. Though, stay tuned for a future "unique" perspective of the surf lineup! With the GoPro attached to the undercarriage of the SuperCub, it could capture some really cool aerial footage of the surf action?!

Here is a video of "Learning to Fly:"